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Thread: Residency

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    ...and oh, how I'm looking forward to seeing information regarding the placements and hearing from the students that are in the residency program

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadian_rob View Post
    ...and oh, how I'm looking forward to seeing information regarding the placements and hearing from the students that are in the residency program
    haha i wonder too! "information" this is making me having doubts about this school.

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    Guys what I can see is that you are totally unaware about medical education. The fact is that a graduate doesnt get a residency because he graduated from school A or B. Its all linked to your board exam scores. There is no medical school that has been opened for more that 5 years with no residents therefore even graduates from schools that have 20-30 passing rate are now in residency. Since CMUs passing rate is over 70%, its just a matter of time to see graduates in residency. The first batch applied for 2013 so you will be able to get them next year.

    CMU is currently one of the fastest growing medical school in the Caribbean. They just opened a new campus and new dorm next to the new developed beach. The school is located in the best and safest part of Curacao, just at the tourist area and U.S. hotels.

    AUA was in the same path few years ago when the school had no graduates, no residents. Look at AUA now, however the tuition increased from $6,000 to 12,000 per semester. The same will happen to CMU therefore if you want to go to a school that has residents already, just pick one and I hope you will be happy there.

    Im a transfer student and I can compare other schools. Im very happy with CMU and Ill be proud of being one of their graduates in residency soon. I highly recommend CMU to serious students who want so study in a high standard environment, be taught by U.S. faculty members, live in the dorms and still pay reasonable tuition.

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    Im not a faculty of the school. I joint the forum, kind of like you, before joining CMU as a student. Yes I did transfer from SJSM but I think its irrelevant. AUA may have a massive influx of money from Kasturba but look at their passing rate (<40%). Im not sure about the residency data posted on the website but 4% compared to 6% of Ross seams reasonable. I hope once the school gets a decent number of residents, it will be also posted on the website but again the residency placement doesnt depend on which school you attend, rather on your USMLE passing scores cause most residency directors dont even know where Ross, AUA, St. James or CMU are located.

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    Sure I agree with you and if I had about $20,000 to spend per semester, I would have applied to the big 3 but I didnt. Im also sure upon my graduation, Ill get my spot as well with Step1 score of 214.

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    There are 1000 reasons I had transfered from St. James and Im really happy that I did. If you want to study at St. James I just have to wish you lots of luck cause you really gonna need it.

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    The major difference between CMU and most of the other school is:
    1. Student Dorms
    2. Brand New Camus
    3. No waiting time for Rotations
    4. Student Loan
    5. Safe and well developed island of Curacao
    6. Reasonable tuition
    7. U.S. Faculty members.

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    you seem like a smart individual. I will say everyone has a reason why the attend schools of choice. Out of the 50 Island schools , why dont you research every single one using your internet access and decide which one works for you. Old is not always better and not to say new is also, but schools open every day and come up with innovative ways to facilitate instructions using state of the art technology. I am not at CMU yet and I am from Houston Texas and I have read and questioned individuals privately on the Island experiences to make CMU my school of preference based on a number of criteria. I suggest you do the same. This forum would probably not answer all your questions and quite frankly the questions you ask can be researched online.
    Have a happy new year and good luck

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    i guess they just deleted all the posts I made earlier, and removed the graph from their residency page.. If you notice you will see that the conversation in this thread doesnt mesh... random messages have been removed.

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