Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

The University, its offices and departments operate on an official CMU's Academic Calendars for the indicated years. In addition, Human Resources maintains a Holiday Schedule for faculty members and other employees. Official academic calendars proposed by the Dean of Basic Science and the Dean of Premedical Science and then approved by the Chief Academic Officer according to the guidelines established by The Caribbean Medical University General Administration. The academic year begins with each spring semester.


Remake Exams Week September 3 - September 7
Orientation and Formal Instruction September 10, Monday
First Day of Classes September 11, Tuesday
Midterm Exams October 22 - October 25
White Coat Ceremony October 27, Saturday
Last Day of Classes December 7, Friday
Final Examinations December 10 - December 13
Semester Ends December 14, Friday
Christmas Break December 17 to January 5
Remake Exams Week January 7 - January 11
Orientation and Formal Instruction January 14, Monday
First Day of Classes January 15, Tuesday
Midterm Exams February 25 - March 1
White Coat Ceremony March 1, Friday
Last Day of Classes April 12, Friday
Final Examinations April 15 - April 18
Semester Ends April 19, Friday
Remake Exams Week May 6 - May 10
Orientation and Formal Instruction May 13, Monday
First Day of Classes May 14, Tuesday
Midterm Exams June 24 - June 27
White Coat Ceremony June 28, Friday
Last Day of Classes August 9, Friday
Final Examinations August 12 - August 15
Semester Ends August 16, Friday
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